Mezhyhirya – Museum of Corruption in Ukraine


There’s probably only one Museum of Corruption in the world. You will find it in the little village near Kiev called Mezhyhirya. This residence is full of unbelievable wealth and used to be a home of former President of Ukraine – Victor Yanukovych. During his reigning the area was strictly hidden from public and Ukrainians didn’t know how luxury lifestyle was performed by their president for public money and huge kickbacks. After the revolution in 2014 and Yanukovych’s escape from the country, this place became the exceptional museum. If you want to see hundreds of million dollars in one place, don’t miss our article!

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Kiev What To See In Four Days

kiev what to see

Kiev – the capital city of Ukraine and a wonderful place. If you are planning a trip to Europe, you should definitely take Kiev into consideration as one of your destinations. We were very satisfied with our trip: great food, many things to see and low prices. Can you expect anything more from the perfect trip? :) Read our story and inspire yourself with your new itinerary.

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Things To Do In Kiev – Travel Guide

things to do in kiev

The capital city of Ukraine, Kiev doesn’t belong to most popular destinations in Europe. Before visiting this city we would never guess we’ll have so much fun there. Kiev definitely deserves a closer look and better research when planning a trip around Europe. It’s a big city with many attractions so this time even us took some more time for this destination. If you plan to spend there only a weekend, you will of course manage to see all the main attractions. But if you can stay there for couple of more days, don’t hesitate! You definitely won’t get bored :) See our Travel GuideThings To Do in Kiev !

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Prague sightseeing – our wonderful weekend

prague sightseeing

We felt encouraged to visit Prague after hundrets of stories heard from our friends. There was a time we thought that we were the only people (that we knew :)) who haven’t visited this city yet. Many Europeans go to Prague to spend their free time. The capital city is indeed full of tourists – and not only from Europe. For some of you, it might be rather a disadvantage but the undoubted charm of Prague and its attractions will definitely compensate this one little drawback :) We hope we encouraged you to read how we spend our weekend there and why it was so incredible ;)

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What To Do In Prague – Travel Guide

what to do in prague

Prague is one of the favourite directions of many people who live in Europe. It’s a very touristic and bustling city. If you are also planning to go there, there’s no need to be worried what to do in Prague. There are many attractions in Prague that can keep you entertained during your visit but even sheer Cherles Bridge is unquestionably worth a visit. We encourage you to read our travel guide – you can find the description of most important atrractions of Prague and plan your trip with us :)

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Vienna Attractions For A Weekend

vienna attractions

Schönbrunn garden, palace and zoo, Vienna State Opera, Hofburg Palace and many many other impressive places – all these Vienna attractions allure tourists of different countries. No wonder we also wanted to go there – Vienna definitely has that something special. We spent there two fantastic days and that was one of the places, we didn’t want to leave. We loved Vienna straightaway – read our story and find out how we planned our time there :)

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Things To Do In Vienna – Travel Guide

things to do in vienna

The capital city of Austria is full of attractions. It’s commonly associated with cultural events, concerts and atmospheric cafés. That’s why it’s not easy to visit everything in a short period of time. Vienna is undeniably endowed with a special charm, that will delight everyone. Read our travel guide and see what things to do in Vienna. Let this glamorous city become your dream destination!

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Visit Bratislava on a budget just like us :)

visit bratislava

After reading this article you will:

  • take your passport
  • start packing your bags
  • look for flight tickets
  • and visit Bratislava as soon as possible!

See what you can find there! Beautiful greenery, floating on the Danube river, exploring the medieval castle ruins and wandering around the classic Old Town is waiting for you! Don’t miss your opportunity and plan your trip to the capital of Slovakia with us!

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Things To Do In Bratislava – Travel Guide

things to do in bratislava

Bratislava is a beautiful city and for those who know it only from the Eurotrip we can straightaway say that hopefully it doesn’t look like the movie showed it:) But the movie has a point in one thing: it’s good to go there in summer :) Read our guide to know what things to do in Bratislava and see how easy is to plan your free time there!

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Iceland Sightseeing On A Budget

iceland sightseeing

Iceland is a magical place and has a lot to offer. It’s a perfect destination for those who like to be around nature. The uniqueness and beauty of this land has always fascinated us and it was our biggest dream to go there. That’s why we planned to visit it as soon as possible on one weekend just in the middle of the academic year. Although it’s a very expensive country, we managed not to spend a lot and do Iceland sightseeing on a budget.

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