Thinking About Georgia Trip? Good Choice!

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In recent times, Georgia has been becoming a trendy tourist destination. Stunning mountain ranges, high waterfalls and popular beaches in one country? Only there! Of course, you can’t miss delicious traditional Georgian cuisine, too. And what if we say, you will be able to experience all these things with less than $200 in your pocket? Check out our post about budget traveling around Georgia and start to pack your bags for your ultimate Trans-Caucasia trip!

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Visit Baku – The City of Contrasts

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Baku is the city of contrasts. You can find modern architecture pearls in crazy futurist shapes in the center. On the other hand, on suburbs there are plenty of old soviet buildings that make you feel back in time. Undercrossings made of marble coexist with historical monuments. Need more? Mud volcanos, ancient rock engravings and nature wonders are waiting for you in Azerbaijan. And all these things are around the sky-blue Caspian Sea… If you dream about adventurous and unforgettable destination, check out our post how to easily organize your trip and visit Baku on your next holidays!

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Gobustan National Park – Nature Wonders for $16!


Gobustan National Park is the most fascinating attraction in the whole Azerbaijan. All travelers who visit Baku, always leave the capital city for one day and go ahead the little village Gobustan, which is world-wide famous for unusual attractions like mud volcanos and prehistoric petroglyphs. Organizing the tour to this place is complicated, but we will share with you every single detail how to make it on your own. Need more? We promise that after reading this post, you won’t pay more than $16 for it including all expenses. In addition, if you travel with your partner or friend, the total cost of the your trip to Gobustan won’t break 10 DOLLARS !

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Yazd Iran – the heart of the country

yazd iran

Yazd is a big city located in the middle of the desert in central Iran. Fresh air, hot climate, slow pace of life, beautiful mosques and desertic atmosphere are what you can expect from our favourite city in this country. However, nothing can beat the number one attraction. In Yazd you can sleep at the hotel rooftop under the stars with a breathtaking view of the city and nearby Jameh Mosque. See how to organize your unique holidays and visit Yazd on a budget.

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Visit Tehran, Iran – Dangerous or Safe?

visit tehran

Tehran – the capital city of Iran and one of the biggest metropolis in the world. It’s definitely a place that have many various faces. But the most important question is: are those faces dengerous? Media make us associate Iran with nuclear weapon, but how the reality looks like? Here is the whole truth: among tourist attractions you can also expect admiring parks in the heart of urban jungle with overcrowded streets and crazy traffic. Historical sites coexist there with modern architecture and visitors may try delicious Persian food at the same time as smelling the heavily-polluted smoggy air. But the best is waiting for you in every Iranian city: super-welcoming and friendly locals that will make you feel safe as nowhere before. Check out our travel guide and find out how to visit Tehran – unusual tourist destination!

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Mezhyhirya – Museum of Corruption in Ukraine


There’s probably only one Museum of Corruption in the world. You will find it in the little village near Kiev called Mezhyhirya. This residence is full of unbelievable wealth and used to be a home of former President of Ukraine – Victor Yanukovych. During his reigning the area was strictly hidden from public. That’s why Ukrainians didn’t know how luxury lifestyle had their president for public money and huge kickbacks. After the revolution in 2014 and Yanukovych’s escape from the country, this place became the exceptional museum. If you want to see hundreds of million dollars in one place, don’t miss our article!

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Things To Do In Kiev – Travel Guide

things to do in kiev

The capital city of Ukraine, Kiev doesn’t belong to most popular destinations in Europe. Before visiting this city we would never guess we’ll have so much fun there. Kiev definitely deserves a closer look and better research when planning a trip around Europe. It’s a big city with many attractions so this time even us took some more time for this destination. If you plan to spend there only a weekend, you will of course manage to see all the main attractions. But if you can stay there for couple of more days, don’t hesitate! You definitely won’t get bored :) See our Travel GuideThings To Do in Kiev !

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What To Do In Prague – Travel Guide

what to do in prague

Prague is one of the favourite directions of many people who live in Europe. It’s a very touristic and bustling city. If you are also planning to go there, there’s no need to be worried what to do in Prague. There are many attractions in Prague that can keep you entertained during your visit but even sheer Cherles Bridge is unquestionably worth a visit. We encourage you to read our travel guide – you can find the description of most important atrractions of Prague and plan your trip with us :)

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