Visit Bratislava on a budget just like us :)

visit bratislava

After reading this article you will:

  • take your passport
  • start packing your bags
  • look for flight tickets
  • and visit Bratislava as soon as possible!

See what you can find there! Beautiful greenery, floating on the Danube river, exploring the medieval castle ruins and wandering around the classic Old Town is waiting for you! Don’t miss your opportunity and plan your trip to the capital of Slovakia with us!

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Iceland Sightseeing On A Budget

iceland sightseeing

Iceland is a magical place and has a lot to offer. It’s a perfect destination for those who like to be around nature. The uniqueness and beauty of this land has always fascinated us and it was our biggest dream to go there. That’s why we planned to visit it as soon as possible on one weekend just in the middle of the academic year. Although it’s a very expensive country, we managed not to spend a lot and do Iceland sightseeing on a budget.

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Places To Go In Dubai On A Budget

places to go in dubai

Visiting Dubai on a budget may seem to be impossible as this city is associated with luxury and glamour. Dubai is rich in attractions, so maybe it’s worth to save some money before going there. When we started planning this trip we weren’t sure, if it’s beyond our means. That’s why we had to make very accurate plan and we managed to do it. Our stay in Dubai will always be unforgettable for us, especially because it’s a place of our engagement :) Click read more button to find out more about it and see what places to go in Dubai.

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A few hours in Budapest on a budget

budapest on a budget

We remember the time we spent by the Danube in Budapest fondly. This city is magical and worth seeing. We liked it so much that we definitely want to go back there again and sail boat along the river. We encourage you to follow this direction and visit it by yourself ;) Read how we spend some time in Budapest on a budget.

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4 days in magnificient Paris on a budget

paris on a budget

For us it’s possible to visit most of European capital cities in just one day (of course when assuming to see only the most popular spots and monuments). But when it comes to Paris, the situation is different :) It definitely requires more time. That’s why we decided to stay there a bit longer – full 4 days. And what’s more important – we managed to visit Paris on a budget.

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A few hours in Milan on a budget

milan on a budget duomo

Ok, we spent maybe 2 hours in Milan, but it wasn’t exactly what we’d planned :( We organized our trip to spend one day in Milan and then one day in Monaco, so what happened? Of course a 26-hours delay of our plane :P we actually got accustomed to it :) That’s how we lost the whole day for visiting Milan. See our story A few hours in Milan on a budget and learn about what you can do there in such a short time ;)

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24 hours in Brussels on a budget

brussels on a budget

Sometimes it’s hard to find enough time and money to go on holidays for a whole week. So was it in this case with us and that’s why we organized another one day trip. That time the destination was Brussels – the politicial center of Europe :) Don’t miss our story how we explored Brussels on a budget in just 24 hours and didn’t spend a lot.

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Stockholm Attractions For One Day

stockholm attractions

One day in July we decided to go on another short trip. As our destination we picked Stockholm – the capital city of Sweden. As it turns out, it has been the shortest journey, which we made so far. Maybe you won’t believe us but we spent there only a little more than 12 hours! And it was really worth it. Read which Stockholm attractions we saw there and how we managed to visit such an expensive city on a budget.

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Visit Turku on a budget in 24 hours – just like us :)

visit turku

As we really wanted to organize a new trip and didn’t have much time (and money as well ;), we decided to make another one-day-trip. We chose to visit Turku – the former capital and the oldest town in freezing cold Finland. Our trip took place in April and there was still chilly (about 3 °C) and even snowing for a while!

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