How about a trip to Pyongyang?


Today I want to finally write about our experience and feelings about North Korea. This trip was so much different from all the others we went on. There were so many expectations – mainly because we were expecting everything :) We were excited and being completely honest also scared. Our trip was short but we’ve managed to see the capital city of the most controversial country in the world – Pyongyang. Check how it was! :)

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Dandong – city at the end of the world


Dandong is a very interesting city. For those of you who don’t know where it is – it’s a Chinese city that boarders with North Korea. And the only thing that separates these two countries is Yalu River. Being in Dandong you can see what’s on the other river bank and buildings in Sinuiju (North Korean border city). We’re sure you want to know what it is like to visit the end of the world…

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Early Christmas Session – Femme Luxe Finery

christmas session

Hi! Today I want to show you the beautiful items I received from Femme Luxe Finery (Women’s Online Clothing Store) recently and my early Christmas session. I’m very happy with the sportswear and the dress I’ve picked. As always you can see the pictures, descriptions and my thoughts about the newest clothes. It’s been a while since I received my last parcel so I really hope you missed the notes about our collab :)

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Quarantine in Thailand – Our Experience

quarantine in thailandWe still have to catch up and write notes about our previous travels. We just thought we are going to do this in the meantime and now we want to describe our current travel and quarantine in Thailand. It’s because for us it’s the most exceptional travel. We came here for longer to work as teachers plus our story starts unusually because of Covid-19. Today we are going to describe how we got to Thailand during pandemic and closed boarders of the country. Nothing can stop us :)

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Attractions In Shanghai Everyone Must See

attractions in shanghai

We spent in Shanghai two days and managed to visit the most popular attractions in Shanghai. We went to Bund and enjoy the walk arounf the business district. Also we had couple of surprises as always in China. In China it’s a surpsire when nothing surprising happens during one day :) Check our coverage and see what happened during our trip!

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Cities To Explore In China – Our Story


After seeing the capital city of ChinaBeijing we went deeper to see more cities. First, we headed to Pingyao then Xi’an and then to Zhengzhou. We had everything perfectly planned but something went wrong and we didn’t manage to see everything we wanted :( Still you can check out our story and ideas for the travel around China.

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Beijing Travel With Us

beijing travel

Beijing Travel with us: We wrote this note to share with you our amazing experince of visiting Beijing. This city is huge and makes a huge impression. At that point we can already say that it’s just impossible to be bored in Beijing – there are many things to see and the Chinese culture is very specific and you can be easily surprised even when simply walking a street or taking a metro! Check out our story and find out more about Beijing, especially if you’re considering a trip there!

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The Only Moscow Guide You’ll Ever Need

moscow guide

Moscow is the city that will impress literally everyone. It can be compared to the big machine that works 24/7 and lives in the fast lane every day. The metropolis has both beautiful historical and amazing modern side. Moreover, Saint Basil’s Cathedral is definitely one of the most spectacular structures in the world. Here you will find out everything you need to know about gorgeous Moscow!

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Transsiberian Train – How Is 88-Hour Ride Possible?

transsiberian train

We wanted to get to Irkutsk from Moscow and that’s why we decided to take transsiberian train. The journey lasted altogether 88 hours :) It was our longeeest travel by train and it was a very special experience! Are you interested in getting to know more about it? Hope the answer is yes – click read more button and find out how it was :)

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How Moscow Surprised Us

We spent two wonderful days in the capital city of Russia, Moscow. We loved it from the very beginning – it’s full of life, rich and has many attractions that are known in the whole world. For this reason, it’s crucial to go there when visiting Russia – at least for a couple of days. Some things surprised us a lot and we didn’t expect them. What was that? Read more and find it out!

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