Thinking About Going To Georgia? Don’t Hesitate!

going to georgia

Before going to Georgia, we’ve heard a lot about this country, as many of our friends felt delighted after making a trip there. And finally we also had a great opportunity to go there – we planned to see Iran, Azerbaijan and Armenia during our honeymoon trip, so Georgia seemed to be the last matching puzzle in our itinerary. See how we organized it :)

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Thinking About Georgia Trip? Good Choice!

about georgia

In recent times, Georgia has been becoming a trendy tourist destination. Stunning mountain ranges, high waterfalls and popular beaches in one country? Only there! Of course, you can’t miss delicious traditional Georgian cuisine, too. And what if we say, you will be able to experience all these things with less than $200 in your pocket? Check out our post about budget traveling around Georgia and start to pack your bags for your ultimate Trans-Caucasia trip!

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