Iceland Sightseeing On A Budget

iceland sightseeing

Iceland is a magical place and has a lot to offer. It’s a perfect destination for those who like to be around nature. The uniqueness and beauty of this land has always fascinated us and it was our biggest dream to go there. That’s why we planned to visit it as soon as possible on one weekend just in the middle of the academic year. Although it’s a very expensive country, we managed not to spend a lot and do Iceland sightseeing on a budget.

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What To Do In Iceland – Travel Guide

what to do in iceland

What does come to your mind when you think of Iceland? Let me guess… geysirs, waterfalls, volcanos? Yes, it’s true. However, this frosty country with total population compared to cities like Cleveland, Belfast, Canberra or Florence offers much more than natural wonders. You will experience an unique atmosphere there, which you won’t find anywhere else. See our What To Do In Iceland – Travel Guide and visit this as wonderful as expensive country.

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