Stockholm Attractions For One Day

stockholm attractions

One day in July we decided to go on another short trip. As our destination we picked Stockholm – the capital city of Sweden. As it turns out, it has been the shortest journey, which we made so far. Maybe you won’t believe us but we spent there only a little more than 12 hours! And it was really worth it. Read which Stockholm attractions we saw there and how we managed to visit such an expensive city on a budget.

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What To Do In Stockholm – Travel Guide

what to do in stockholm

Our shortest trip so far turned out to be Stockholm – the capital city of Sweden. It’s a modern city with many historic sites too. We managed to visit it in one day, arriving in the early morning and going back in the evening the same day. We visited this city during our summer holidays and got to know the sunny side of Scandinavia. Check our travel guide – what to do in Stockholm to get up-to-date info.

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