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A few hours in Milan on a budget

Ok, we spent maybe 2 hours in Milan, but it wasn’t exactly what we’d planned :( We organized our trip to spend one day in Milan and then one day in Monaco, so what happened? Of course a 26-hours delay of our plane :P we actually got accustomed to it :) That’s how we lost the whole day for visiting Milan. See our story A few hours in Milan on a budget and learn about what you can do there in such a short time ;)

What we planned…

We planned to see The Last Supper in the morning and we’d booked tickets two months before, then we wanted also to visit Sforza Castle, Duomo Cathedral and Victor Emmanuel Gallery. So, this is a greatest disadvantage to travel in hurry – the possible delays and then you won’t see anything :) However we hope that it won’t happen for us anymore :)

What we did…

We’d say that the time left to spend in Milan was not even 2 hours, but we tried to make the most of it. Of course, there was no chance to visit The Last Supper and we realized that Sforza Castle would take some more time, but luckily we managed to see Duomo Cathedral and Victor Emmanuel Gallery.

Just when we left the metro station, we saw the dazzling Duomo :) it was so impressive! It makes such a great effect because of its size, really beautiful facade and gothic style.

milan on a budget

milan on a budget

Then, we went to the Victor Emmanuel Gallery – one of the oldest shopping malls in the world. It was of elegant style and looked very classy because of its mosaic decoration and statues. But we hadn’t much time left at that point, so we headed to the Bull (it’s a mosaic on the floor that presents a bull) :) it’s important to spin around three times on the bull’s testicles because it will bring a good luck! when we got to the bull, there were already lots of people who also wanted to spin around the bull’s testicles :) after all, everyone want to be lucky :)

milan on a budget
Inside in Victor Emmanuel Gallery

milan on a budget

milan on a budget

So we couldn’t miss an opportunity to bring us good luck! Maybe after that we won’t have any delays with our future flights! But still, we were very satisfied to see those two attractions of Milan. Fortunately they are next to each other, settled in the Piazza del Duomo (Cathedral Square) – the main city square of Milan.

Although we didn’t spent much time there, we really loved what we saw. Definitely we would come back to Milan again to see more :)

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