Surprising Faces of Baku City

baku city

Previeously we didn’t know much about Azerbaijan and Baku. After doing some research on the internet about this destination, we felt encouraged to go there. It was a good choice, as visiting Baku was a very positive experience for us. And not only positive, but also absolutely surprising. Baku city combines two different worlds: it’s formally a muslim country but we haven’t seen or met any muslims there, it’s very rich and modern in the center and poor at the outskirts. It just has two faces and shows many contrasts – we’ve never been in such unique place before.

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Visit Baku – The City of Contrasts

visit baku

Baku is the city of contrasts. You can find modern architecture pearls in crazy futurist shapes in the center. On the other hand, on suburbs there are plenty of old soviet buildings that make you feel back in time. Undercrossings made of marble coexist with historical monuments. Need more? Mud volcanos, ancient rock engravings and nature wonders are waiting for you in Azerbaijan. And all these things are around the sky-blue Caspian Sea… If you dream about adventurous and unforgettable destination, check out our post how to easily organize your trip and visit Baku on your next holidays!

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Gobustan National Park – Nature Wonders for $16!


Gobustan National Park is the most fascinating attraction in the whole Azerbaijan. All travelers who visit Baku, always leave the capital city for one day and go ahead the little village Gobustan, which is world-wide famous for unusual attractions like mud volcanos and prehistoric petroglyphs. Organizing the tour to this place is complicated, but we will share with you every single detail how to make it on your own. Need more? We promise that after reading this post, you won’t pay more than $16 for it including all expenses. In addition, if you travel with your partner or friend, the total cost of the your trip to Gobustan won’t break 10 DOLLARS !

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Varzaneh Desert and Sandboarding The Dunes

varzaneh desert

We’ve never been to a desert before so we planned to visit a desert near a small town Varzaneh. Varzaneh desert is beautiful and has more to offer than just sand dunes. We spent there one day and had a wonderful time! We had so much fun there and felt like little children when sandboarding the dunes :) After reading this note, you’ll definitely put Varzaneh desert on your bucket list!

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Esfahan Iran – People We Will Never Forget

esfahan iran

Esfahan Iran – our third destination in this country, so we already managed to fall in love with it. We would never guess that after visiting Esfahan we will be enraptured with Iranian culture even more. The attractions are impressive and it’s amazing how much kindness we experienced from the locals. We have loads of good memories connected with this place and would encourage everyone to go there :) Especially those who have a sweet tooth – you need to know that delicious Efahani candies are waiting for you there!

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Yazd City and the hotel with the most stars in the world!

yazd city

If we had to describe Yazd City in only three words, we would definitely go for – an exceptional place. We wouldn’t even dream to have such amazing experience there. At first the city made a great impression on us because of its beautiful architecture. All buildings and walls are built entirely of mud brick and adobe. This created a fantastic atmosphere and made us really feel that we are in a country full of deserts. But there was also something else in Yazd that we will never forget – read more to find out which amazing attraction waits for you there :)

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Yazd Iran – the heart of the country

yazd iran

Yazd is a big city located in the middle of the desert in central Iran. Fresh air, hot climate, slow pace of life, beautiful mosques and desertic atmosphere are what you can expect from our favourite city in this country. However, nothing can beat the number one attraction. In Yazd you can sleep at the hotel rooftop under the stars with a breathtaking view of the city and nearby Jameh Mosque. See how to organize your unique holidays and visit Yazd on a budget.

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Tehran Travel – Beyond Our Expectations

tehran travel

For our honeymoon trip we wanted to pick something unusual – and here we came up with a great idea: Iran. First we decided to visit the capital city Tehran. We could observe funny reactions among our friends and family when we were announcing about our honeymoon destination: “Iran?! Is it safe to go there?” Hmm, let’s see! :) Now we know and want to share our experience with you. It’s not only very safe for tourists to be there, but it’s also something unforgettable and can be a trip of a lifetime!

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