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Prague sightseeing – our wonderful weekend

We felt encouraged to visit Prague after hundreds of stories heard from our friends. There was a time we thought that we were the only people (that we knew :)) who haven’t visited this city yet. Many Europeans go to Prague to spend their free time. The capital city is indeed full of tourists – and not only from Europe. For some of you, it might be rather a disadvantage but the undoubted charm of Prague and its attractions will definitely compensate this one little drawback :) We hope we encouraged you to read how we spend our weekend there and why it was so incredible ;)

Prague Sightseeing – Our Weekend Adventure

We got to Prague very late, so we just went to our host from Couchsurfing and talked with him for some time and then went to sleep. He gave us some useful tips on how to organize sightseeing in Prague (this is one of the advantages about couchsurfing and we wrote more on the topic in this article). Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to come with us but he could hang out in the evening of the next day so that we would be able to get to know each other better and talk about our experiences in travelling (topic that is always raised by couchsurfers :)).

Prague sightseeing – Day1

Our first day in Prague started just when we woke up. We ate breakfast in hurry because the weather was great and we couldn’t wait to go outside. We took our backpack and set off for the next adventure.

Charles Bridge – from the distance

At first we went to Manesuv Bridge that is opposite the Charles Bridge. We wanted to observe the Charles Bridge from the distance and take some photos with it.

prague sightseeing
Manesuv Bridge

prague sightseeing


And then we took a walk to the Charles Bridge but before we got there, we could observe a scam. At the bench there were 2 guys with colorful pigeons. Some people that were passing by and starting to admire this pigeons. Then the owners of the birds took them and put them on the shoulders of the onlookers. At that time scammers were very nice and told to make pictures. After the onlookers took themselves pictures with the pigeons, the scammers started to rudely and firmly claim money, but the best thing is that they told each person different amount of money to pay! The amounts were usually high but highest was 500 korunas (approx. $20)! So be aware!

prague sightseeing
This pair paid almost $20 for the pictures. If you really want such souvenir, remember to set the price in advance.

On the Charles Bridge

Then we finally got to the Charles Bridge and we have to admit that we wouldn’t expect so many people! Of course our trip was during summer, but still we wouldn’t guess that Prague can be that crowded. And on the bridge there were also a lot of people begging for money, but still we liked the view and we think that it is the most important. Maybe if you don’t like such crowded places, then it’s better to visit Prague out of season.

prague sightseeing
It’s a very crowded place ;)

prague sightseeing

Charles Bridge is one of its kind, it looks very old and heavy because it’s made of stone. When we were looking at it, we had an impression like we were in some distant times.

We stayed there for a while, because it’s one of the most recognizable place in Prague and it distinguishes form other bridges we visited in European cities. As you can see, we even found a place to sit :) It was not an easy thing because of the crowds ;)


Then we wanted to find something to eat but it was important for us not to overpay, so we decided to deviate from the main ways of the center. It turned out that it was a good idea – we found a pizzeria Pizza Gyros non stop opposite the nearest shopping mall Quadrio. We couldn’t eat in because there were no tables there, so we had to find some other place to eat. But we still ordered a pizza and we have to say that it was very tasty and cheap at the same time :) We can definitely reccommend it!

Old Town

Then we went back to the center and were hanging out around for some time, and as it was a very hot day there arrived a fire engine at the square and pour cold water towards the crowd.

prague sightseeing
What a relief!
prague sightseeing
Can you see the rainbow? :)

The Old Town square delighted us with its beautiful buildings and many street entertainers. There are also many restaurants, shops, and cafés. As we wrote previously, we wanted to make this trip on a budget so we resigned from visiting restaurants. Instead we just called by a nice place to have a dessert. This way we tried something local and saved our funds a little. And it was worth it :)

prague sightseeing
Alleys of the Old Town Square

prague sightseeing

Also, what’s interesting there are plenty of places in Prague where we could drink fresh cold water for free. It’s a big asset of this place as it’s easy to get out of water quickly during such a hot day :)

The Astronomical Clock

The Old Town Square is beautiful and, as you can see, has many conveniences for people visiting it. Buildings are colorful and alleys are bustling. The Astronomical clock is a must-see but now as we are making this post, it’s under renovation. Here you can find some important information about it and check when the renovation ends. It’s an official tourist website of Prague and you can gain most useful tips about monuments of this city.

prague sightseeing
The Astronomical Clock is amazing and it’s an important monument associated with Prague.

prague sightseeing

Trdelnik – delicious dessert

On our way back we ordered a Trdelnik – it’s a traditional Slovak cake (but we haven’t seen it that much in Bratislava as in Prague) and we ordered it with an ice cream :) it’s delicious and it’s very filling :)

prague sightseeing
Delicious and filling

Then we got back to our host to spend some time with him. He took us to an open air bar (we’re not sure if it’s open in winter, probably not), but it was a very nice place because there was also a big screen there and they transmitted some sport matches or movies. After that he showed us a nice place nearby where people just sit on the grass and admire the view with the whole Prague :) That is also a great advantage of Couchsurfing – hosts can show lots of places you wouldn’t find on the internet and thanks to it it’s possible to explore the city even more and hang out with locals :)

prague sightseeing
A place that our host took us to. It’s soo nice to spend time like this :)

Prague sightseeing – Day2

On the second day our first destination was Prague Castle. We didn’t go inside – we were only walking around and went behind the castle to see the church.

In the church there are plenty of beautiful stained-glass windows and the church is very high. It’s worth to go inside.

prague sightseeing
Stained-glas windows of the church

prague sightseeing

Then we went behind the church and the views very impressive – we could see the whole Prague and take a walk through the atmospheric alleys to get to the center of the city again.

prague sightseeing
It’s a perfect place to enjoy some beautiful views ;)
prague sightseeing
We needed to climb some steps to see the views, but they’re worth it! And it’s not so bad ;)
prague sightseeing
But going down the stairs is always so much easier :)
prague sightseeing
Our walk throug some alleys. We just loved the surroundings!

After that we also visited our new favourite pizzeria and then went for a Trdelnik – those two were so delicious that we had to eat them again on the second day :)

It was actually the end of our short trip because at that point we had to go back to our host. We wanted to spend with him a couple of hours before we set off back home. In the evening we had a bus to Poland so it is how our trip ended.

One more thing: Our host was British and as we were talking in the evening he gave us Marmite to try. We don’t know, if you can buy it somewhere else than Britain but it’s a taste that you should definitely try :) Maybe after going to Prague, your next destination will be London? If so, we encourage you to try this specific taste and write us what you think ;)

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