what to do in prague

What To Do In Prague – Travel Guide

Prague is one of the favourite directions of many people who live in Europe. It’s a very touristic and bustling city. If you are also planning to go there, there’s no need to be worried what to do in Prague. There are many attractions in Prague that can keep you entertained during your visit but even sheer Cherles Bridge is unquestionably worth a visit. We encourage you to read our travel guide – you can find the description of most important atrractions of Prague and plan your trip with us :)

How To Get In Prague


To arrive cheaply by plane at Vaclav Havel Airport Prague you can choose between most popular budget airlines in Europe, because all of them operate to/from the capital of Czech Republic.

Here you are a few examples of interesting cheap routes selected by us (the list of all existing routes are of course much much longer):

Wizz Air – London, Tel Aviv, Rome

Ryanair – London, Dublin, Barcelona, Madrid, Brussels, Rome, Milan

Norwegian – Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo

easyJet – London and a few other UK cities

Pegasus – Istanbul

what to do in prague


To get on a budget to the city center from the airport you need to take a bus. There are a few lines, but in our opinion the most convenient is to take bus no 119. It departs every 10 minutes and in 15 minutes it will get you to Nadrazi Veleslavin stop (the last one). There you can change to the line A of the metro. In next 10 minute ride by metro you will arrive at Starometska station in the city center.


Prague is perfectly communicated with nearby capital cities. You can comfortably travel between Prague and Bratislava, Vienna or Berlin with a company called Regiojet – Student Agency. They provide luxurious rides with stewardess, free hot drinks, screen for each passengers and toilet onboard. We chose them and it was one of the most pleasant bus journeys we’ve ever had. What’s more, tickets was fairly cheap. For a long route from Bratislava to Prague via Vienna we paid in total €16 per person. There’s also another company which has similarly well-equipped coaches (but no stewardess) – Lux Express. They links Prague with two Polish cities (Cracow, Warsaw) and take for it about €12 OW. We used their buses twice and can definitely recommend them as well. All international buses arrive at Florenc bus station just next to Florenc metro station where B and C metro lines cross.

what to do in prague
coach of RegioJet Student Agency


Czech railways are usually more expensive than buses. However, it’s possible to find fares similar to those offered by coach companies, especially if you buy your tickets in advance. That’s why trains can be a good substitute for buses.


How To Get Around Prague


Metro is the most efficient mean of transport in Prague. This city has 3 lines (A, B and C). It’s fast and frequent.

Prices of tickets for public transport (valid for metro, trams, buses and other):

90 minutes – 32 CZK

30 minutes – 24 CZK

1 day – 110 CZK

3 days – 310 CZK

As you see, buying a short-term tickets can be a better deal, if you plan to use no more than 4 a day.

Don’t forget to validate your ticket before getting on board of Prague metro as there are no automated gates that you have to pass when getting into the platform.

what to do in prague

Avoid taxis under any circumstances. There are many creepy stories about taxi drivers in Prague. If you are a tourist, it’s more than likely that they may try to rip you off and if you refuse to pay more they even can start to beat you. We heard about such situations before visiting Prague and during our stay local people admitted that it often happens to tourists.

What To Do In Prague


Famous massive and impressive stone bridge on the Vltava River in Prague. There’s nothing more worth seeing in the capital of Czech Republic than incredible Charles Bridge. Every time you will find plenty of people passing through it. Unfortunately, many beggars are there too. As a tip we can tell you that great photos of Charles bridge can be taken from nearby Manesuv bridge.

what to do in prague


It’s a gothic church and one of the most prominent site in the Old Town. More officially it’s known as the Church of Mother of God before Tyn or Church of Our Lady before Tyn. The building looks a bit surreal, like taken from a fairy tale. It stands out from the rest of nearby structures and it’s easy to be seen from every corner of Prague’s center.

what to do in prague
Tyn Church

what to do in prague


Lively square in the center of the Old Town. It’s situated next to mentioned Tyn Church and it’s a good place to rest for a while and admire the colorful architecture of the historical surrounding.

what to do in prague
Nice alleys in the old town


On the opposite side of the Old Town Square and exactly on the wall of Old Town Hall you will find huge astronomical clock – one of the most known this kind of costruction in the world. It’s important part of the Czech history as the clock exists from 15th century! Every hour it attracts many tourists watching a short animation of 12 Apostles’ figures in motion.

what to do in prague
Astronomical Clock


It’s the official residence of the President of the Czech Republic and according to Guinness Book of Records – the world’s largest castle. Also in this area there’s the gothic St Vitus Cathedral. The entrance to the area of castle and inside of the cathedral is free of charge. However, if you want to explore the castle much deeper you need to pay. A basic ticket (circuit B) costs 250 CZK (for students 125 CZK) and includes visiting Old Royal Palace and a few extra spots.

what to do in prague
St Vitus Cathedral of Prague Castle

Sleeping, Eating, Safety and Other Tips


Really surprising can be the fact that accommodation in Prague is quite cheap – double rooms can be found for 550 CZK or even a bit less! What’s more, prices for a bed in hostels’ dorms are ridiculously low – sometimes 125-140 CZK for a night! Definitely lodging won’t harm your wallet there :)


Dining in Prague needs to be divided into two parts in the center (Old Town) and out of it. We noticed that prices for dishes in the Old Town are twice or more expensive than in restaurants just 10 minutes from touristic streets.

One day we decided to try a pizza in a small takeaway called Pizza-Gyros. It’s a 24/7 fast food 10-15 minutes walk from the Old Town, just next to Quadrio shopping mall. They serve small pizzas for 110-119 CZK and big ones for 156 CZK. We loved it so much that we came back there the next day. Pizza was really delicious and we encourage you to try it. It was also much cheaper than food served in restaurants near the Old Town, so it’s also a good idea to save some money this way.

For a dessert there’s a place, which is a must-see for all food lovers. Very close to Charles Bridges you’ll find Good Food Coffee & Bakery. They are famous for their incredibly delicious chimneys. It’s a spit cake, locally known as a trdelnik that can be topped with different fillings. Its price vary from 60 to 129 CZK (approx. $2.5 – $5). We tried one with an ice cream (the most expensive). Believe us – this flavor is not to be forgotten.

what to do in prague
Trdelnik – it’s so delicious ;)


Unfortunately, there are many pickpockets in Prague, especially in the metro. Lots of warning signs hanging in public communication will remind you about that.

In popular spots you will find scam artists, which nicely offer taking photos to tourists and then rudely and firmly demand much money for it from unsuspecting people. We saw such situations on the way to the Charles Bridge, where two guys were offering pics with colorful pigeons.

what to do in prague
This pair paid almost $20 for the pictures. We will descibe the whole situation in our next note about Prague.

About horrible taxi drivers we mentioned above in the section How to get around Prague – you must check it out!

How Much Does It Cost ? (Per Person)

coaches Vienna-Prague-Warsaw: $29

public transport (6 x 24 CZK): approx. $6

accommodation: free – Couchsurfing

food: $36

gift for couchsurfing host: $5 /2 persons = $2.5

TOTAL for the whole trip (2 days): $74

Spending for 1 day (food + sleeping + accommodation): $21

So if you are thinking about another trip and are not sure about the destination, here is our suggestion: beautiful Bratislava and its capital city. We hope that after reading our note you’re no longer wondering what to do in Prague. It’s a city that you can easily fall in love with :) And while being on the spot, don’t forget to try trdelnik! Do you feel encouraged now?

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