Femme Luxe Finery Collaboration – My Honest Review

femme luxe finery collaboration

Recently Femme Luxe Finery has contacted me over my Instagram account @withintheworld and offered a collaboration. It thought “Wow! It’s such great news! I love this store!”. I could pick 4 items and present it to you :) I was very excited about it! A women can never have to many clothes, especially such pretty ones like I ordered :)


About My Collaboration With

Femme Luxe Finery – Women’s Clothing Store


I’m a big fan of online shopping because it’s just easier – “traditional” shopping always takes sooo much time, I have to visit many shops, look for clothes, try them on and then stand in long queues. It’s all so time-consuming. In addition, I find e-stores way cheaper and very often their products are made of better fabrics than clothes sold in shopping malls. As a result, decision where to buy clothing is always obvious for me!

When it comes to Femme Luxe Finery I didn’t have any problem with choosing the items as they have a very rich collection of clothing. Are you curious what I’ve chosen? Check it out and enjoy!


Blue Ruffle Waist Super Skinny Jeans – Sienna


My first choice was these blue ruffle waist super skinny jeans and I must say it was love from the first sight. The only thing I was worried about was if I’ve picked the right size, but fortunately they fit :) When the parcel came, it was the first item I had to try on. I really really like them – they are very much my style and I think they are actually perfect for every occasion, they go well with casual tops as well as more elegant blouses. Now they are on sale, so better hurry ;)

femme luxe finery


Black Bardot TwistedFront Bodysuit – Ivanna


Now about my second choice – black bardot twistedfront bodysuit, which I’m also very satisfied with – I just couldn’t resist taking this lovely bodysuit probably because it’s so simple and elegant at the same time. I thought I can wear it every day with jeans and on special occasions with fancy skirt and high-heel shoes. It looks so classy and what’s the most important – comfortable (I have to admit it’s my first bodysuit because I was always very suspicious when it comes to comfort of this particular clothing, but this time I decided to give it a try and I can say it was totally worth to :))

femme luxe finery


Pink Rolled Sleeve Collared Jacket – Madison


I chose this pink rolled sleeve collared jacket because I just loved its classy and elegant look and of course the colour :) I’ve always had a weakness for all shades of pink :) After receiving the parcel, I must say I was very positively surprised with the high-quality material. I also really like shopping this kind of clothing (like jackets, coats or sweatshirts – the ones that are not so tight-fitting) through the internet because I never worry about the size like with trousers for example. It’s just simpler to choose the right size :)

femme luxe finery


Black Loungewear Tracksuit Set – Maria


I’ve picked this black loungewear tracksuit set as my new outfit to the gym :) The material is rather thin, so I definitely won’t have to worry about getting too much sweat in it during the exercises. Another plus is its look – simple but very stylish and the most important – comfort again. For me it’s very important to feel comfortable when I practice and this tracksuit is like this – I could even sleep in it :) Besides I think that the blouse will also go well with jeans to have something on during colder summer evenings – so another big plus.

femme luxe finery


Femme Luxe Finery – My Honest Review


To sum up, I strongly recommend this online store. They handled and shipped my order very quickly and if I had any questions they wrote me back very fast. It’s must be a reason why they have +500k followers on IG and tons of customers! Femme Luxe Finery is such a professional company and always provides an excellent service. I recommended it to my family and friends and I encourage you too to check out their clothes – you’ll definitely be satisfied as much as I am :)

I am very happy with each item I received – the quality of clothing is very good, there is so many beautiful and trendy items to choose from. I’m sure it’s not my last experience with Femme Luxe Finery :)

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