horror hotel extreme

Horror hotels can be so much fun, can’t they?

Ok, you may think now that we are writing about one of the attractions of amusement parks. But it’s not actually the point and the title refers to hotels actually :) To find out what’s going on click Read More button below.

We thought about writing this note because our friends and family are always talking about the most comfortable hotels they’ve been to. Of course it’s nice to stay in a five-star hotel with a swimming pool, who doesn’t want that?

But as we mostly travel on a budget, we can tell more about hotels that are not so appealing. It’s also good that we stayed in superior hotels couple of times because now we can compare.

horror hotels
King-size bed – This unbelievable time waster made us lazy every single morning. Never again!

Good vs. bad hotels

We know that there is a kind of people that wouldn’t stay in a bad hostel not for all the world, so maybe this note won’t go to them. But traveling on a budget is easier, you don’t have to save money for a long period to go on a trip. Making cuts by visiting worse hotels is a good way to see more destinations and make more trips.

Superior hotels are a good idea when you are oriented toward spending whole days in a hotel and enjoy your time in a big swimming pool. However, in such a way you won’t understand the country and won’t feel its real atmosphere. If you know that the city you are going to is full of monuments, museums and other worth-seeing attractions, definitely book yourself a low standard hotel :) Apart from the price they have much more pros than you think. The first great advantage of it is that you will probably get up early without any problems and go straight to explore the city. At least we have such an experience.

horror hotel extreme

One time we stayed in a prestigious hotel and couldn’t get up because our bed was so big and comfortable that we wanted to stay there forever. And this way we just lost a lot of time on sitting in a hotel. Instead we could go to the city and start sightseeing. This surely wouldn’t happen in a bad hotel. Moreover budget hotels seem to be more socilizing. You meet other travelers there, exchange your experience and even can plan your excurions  for the next days together to share costs. Luxurious hotels offer exclusiveness and it may result that you will shut yourself off from others.

Another funny and good thing about Horror Hotels is the fact that we somehow enjoy them more. Lately we realized that we reminisce about low standard hotels more. During such stays we have a lot of fun because something is always wrong, broken and looks scary or weird.

One time in a hotel we saw such an instruction on how to use the toilet:

horror hotels
Never too much learning! ;)

Our stories

Noisy wardrobe

horror hotel extreme

The last time we had such situation when we stayed in a very cheap hostel in Kutaisi, Georgia. We came back to our room after full day of sightseeing. We were exhausted and quickly laid down on our bed. Suddenly there were some weird noises coming from the wardrobe. We didn’t have any idea what it could be and we were too scared to open it. Then the noise stopped and we could feel some relief. But not for long! Suddenly it started again! Finally Paweł decided to check what it was. We saw that there was a lot of sheets, linen and towels. There must have been something between all these things. Those sounds was very weird and you know how the imagination works. We decided to close the wardrobe and never get to know what was it.

Sometimes we look back on this situation and try to guess what was that. Maybe it was just a bug, maybe something unusual? Who knows… :)

Dodgy hook up hotel

horror hotel extreme

Another story took place in Menton – a small town in the French Riviera. We spent the whole day in famous Monte Carlo and to save money we decided to find an accommodation in some nearby location that is less popular and cheaper. Then we took a regional train and ended up in Menton. We picked the cheapest hotel and took a double room. After paying for a night we realized that this place is more like a hook up spot for prostitutions and their clients. Also it was dark, unkempt and frightening. We jumped into our room, locked the door and couldn’t realize where we were. Hopefully we had a bathroom inside, so we didn’t have to get out of the room in the middle of the night to use the toilet. In the morning we didn’t find anyone from the staff to check out and simply left the hotel.

Definitely it was an extraordinary experience. We often reminisce that night and laugh at how we let us trap in such situations. One night passed fast, but the memories will remain with us forever.

What do you think?

Maybe a key to appreciate these hotels is just to lay back. Maybe we have these hotels in mind because it is always a kind of adventure. Probably it all depends on the attitude and how you look at it. Don’t let your travels be lackluster and plan it a bit unconventionally.

Maybe you have similar experiences? What was your the worst or weirdest hotel you have been in? Please let us now in a comment below :)

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