yazd city

Yazd City and the hotel with the most stars in the world!

If we had to describe Yazd City in only three words, we would definitely go for – an exceptional place. We wouldn’t even dream to have such amazing experience there. At first the city made a great impression on us because of its beautiful architecture. All buildings and walls are built entirely of mud brick and adobe. This created a fantastic atmosphere and made us really feel that we are in a country full of deserts. But there was also something else in Yazd that we will never forget – read more to find out which amazing attraction waits for you there :)

One Day In Yazd City


We got to Yazd from Tehran by train. As we wrote in our previous note – Tehran Travel – Beyond Our Expectations, we’ve met three friendly people on our way. One of them was Mohammad. He was from Yazd and offered to show us around the city on the next day. We exchanged phone numbers, but we still didn’t have an Iranian card and couldn’t use ours. We told him that we will contact him on the next day but we need first to buy a card.

yazd city

And then we got off the train. It was evening so we headed to our hostel. We needed to take a taxi there, which didn’t take long. From the taxi we could enjoy the views – every building is made of adobe there.


When we were checking in at Orient Hotel, a very nice girl invited us in the reception and asked about our impressions on Iran. What impressions could we have? Everyone is nice and appreciates tourists that come to their country. They show interest and welcome foreigners in Iran and can even offer tea or helping hand. At first it’s very hard to believe that people can be that selfless and friendly, but it’s true. It’s a very unique place :)

And our hostel was also very unique. It’s because it has an option of sleeping on the roof – and we had to use it. When we came, we had to wait for a while because last guests were still eating dinner on the roof as during the day it’s a place to eat. But it wasn’t a problem to wait because there was a very nice patio, in which hostel guests just come and sit. After maybe half an hour someone came and told us that we can go on the roof.

yazd city
Selfie in the hotel patio :)


It was August and the hostel stuff was surprised that we wanted to sleep there at that time because other tourists were too much afraid of heat. The roof is big and has something about 10 beds, so normally if other people would want to sleep there as well, you would have to share the space. But the time we visited it, nobody else wanted to sleep there. We don’t have any idea why actually.

The view is beautiful – you can see the Jameh Mosque and the whole city made of adobe. After dark there are billions of stars shining in the sky. For sure any other hotel in the world doesn’t have more stars than this one ;) We were sitting there for a couple of hours before we went to sleep. It’s a view we’ll never forget and nothing is a good reason to resign from it. What can be better than watching the stars straight from the bed? The heat wasn’t a problem even though it was the middle of the summer :) And the funny thing is that it’s even cheaper to sleep on the roof than in a regular room :)

During the night it was very windy but we got very thick blankets to cover ourselves. It wasn’t hot at all. The only thing you can regard as disturbing was that the sun woke up early as well as during the sunrise muezzin in the mosque loudly invites people to pray :D but the views are worth not getting enough sleep :) and for hard-sleepers like us nothing will pose a problem :)

Illuminated Jameh Mosque from our unique sleeping place :)
yazd city
Morning view
yazd city
View from our hotel to the city :)


After getting up we could enjoy breakfast that was in price of the hostel. Breakfast was delicious – we got French waffles, watermelon and tea. Tea is very tasty in Iran and if you are a fan of watermelons, you have another reason to visit this country. This fruits are so delicious there – they are much sweeter than in Europe.

yazd city

yazd city
Watermelons, tea, lavash bread and french toasts – delicious :)

After breakfast we wanted to sit for a while in a patio – we’ve met other tourists there and a little Iranian girl that wanted to hang out with us although she couldn’t speak English :) she was probably a daughter of someone from the stuff :) There was also a book for guests to sign in – a nice remembrance!

yazd city
Patio in our hotel
yazd city
We also signed the guest book :)


It was something after eleven when we saw a familiar face coming in our direction – it was Mohammad we’ve met in the train a day before! He told us that he has some time and wants to show us around the city. He came with his car and told that he just wants to pick up his son to meet us and then we can go together around the city. We have to admit it was something unusual for us to get into the stranger’s car. We wouldn’t do it in any other country :)


At first Mohammad gave us a ride to Zoroastrian Fire Temple. Tickets are cheap there (only approx. $2) and you can see a fire that has been burning continuously for 1500 years. It’s an interesting place but rather for a short visit. We didn’t need much time there.

yazd city

And the fire inside:

yazd city


Then our new friend took us for a walk around the historical center of Yazd. It has plenty of twisted, narrow alleys. If it wasn’t for Mohammad, we would definitely get lost there – so if you want to go there by yourself, remember it might be a challenge to find a way out :)

yazd city
Having a walk around the alleys
yazd city
Every alley looks similar – all buildings are made of adobe.
yazd city
You can find some shops with souvenirs and Persian carpets there :)

yazd city

yazd city
Some people were working on the streets
yazd city
A worker from Afghanistan – he asked us to take him a picture :)

Mohammad showed us his city and then took to a restaurant to eat something. We ordered kebab on plate with rice and it was delicious. It was good to have a local person to show us a place where it’s worth to eat. It’s always tricky for tourists to look by themselves. And the place was cheap and the food was delicious – a perfect combination. At that time we faced first problem with our new friend – he paid for us and didn’t want to accept our money! Only after maybe 10 minutes of our insisting, he finally decided to take them :)


Then we went to see Amir Chakhmaq Complex – very beautiful and definitely worth visiting when being in Yazd. We spent there the whole afternoon and tried Iranian ice creams (look like Italian ice creams, but are sweeter and tasting a little bit like bubble gum – very good). At that point Mohammad had to go. We were very thankful he showed us around and had a really great time with him.

yazd city

yazd city
Delicious ice cream :)


After that we wanted to have a rest for a while but didn’t have a reservation in any hostel because in the night we were going to take a train to Esfahan. It was very hot so we decided to go to a random hostel and it was actually a great idea. Many hostels of Yazd have patios for guests and the hostel stuff allowed us to sit there. They didn’t even expect from us to order something, but the tea tempted us so we had to try it – they had tea with hibiscus that was very tasty. Also we wanted to buy malt beverage that we really liked. We spent there about an hour and also ordered a traditional bread with jam. It all didn’t cost much. We think it’s a very good idea to make yourself a break in such place, especially that food really isn’t expensive.

yazd city
Our favourite malt beverage :)
yazd city
Having some rest :)


In the evening we wanted to see Jameh Mosque closely because previously we saw it only from the roof of our hotel. We went there and sat on the wall. Many locals were coming at that time to pray and we could hear again how muezzin was inviting to pray. We enjoyed the atmosphere – it was getting darker and wasn’t that hot as during the day so we noticed that more and more people were going out and it was getting crowded. Many people were coming to us to greet us or have a short conversation or make a picture together. Locals made us feel very comfortable and what’s more important – safe in this place.

yazd city


And this was our last stop in Yazd that day. Later we went to the train station because late at night we had a train to Esfahan. Our day in Yazd was very satisfying – the city is rather small so one day should be enough to see it. We recommend to make a stop there especially because of unique architecture and a possibility to sleep on the roof.

Yazd City – Our Conclusion

As you can see we had a great time in Yazd. It is a kind of city you don’t need much time for, but at the same time really worth visiting. The unique climate of the city makes a big impression. We also had the opportunity to see the city after dark – we hadn’t felt that safe in many places before. There are many people on the streets and they are always very friendly and helpful. The same situation was in the train station. There was police at the entrence that controls who comes inside (very nice just like other locals :)).

And this is what differs Iranian train stations from for examples European ones – we could always feel safe there. No drunk and shadowy people around – only passengers and that’s what we appreciated about this country. We’ve also met so many friendly locals that we started to trust this people like never before – everyone we’ve met there had good intentions :) This is another good reason to visit this country. It’s worth to go there even just to see the Iranian hospitality.

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