Femme Luxe Finery – My New Parcel

Hello to you all! I’ve recently got a new parcel from Femme Luxe Finery – another 4 outfits to my wonderful collection :) As you can see our collaboration thrives and I’m very happy about it! Hope you are just as excited as I am and want to get to know more and see what I’ve picked this time :) :) Read more and find out now! :)

Femme Luxe Finery – Women’s Online Clothing Store

– About My New Parcel

At the very beginning I really want to encourage you to read about my collab with Femme Luxe Finery brand. So in case you’ve missed my previous posts somehow, here are all the links: Enjoy! :)

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Aww wow! It looks like I have a lot of clothes from this store :) But that’s good – now I can share my experience with you! Oh, and here you are also the link to the store’s page:

Femme Luxe Finery 

Stone High Neck Bodycon Jumper Dress – Esmelia

Ok so let’s start! Now about my first choice – stone high neck bodycon jumper dress – esmelia. I’ve taken this dress as it is still perfect for weather we have now It’s still a bit cold and we are waiting for the beginning of the spring so I just thought this dress will be perfect for now and then also when autumn comes. I can say I’m satisfied with this choice – the material makes this dress very comfy and the color is just fantastic Light beige is one of my favourite spring colors :)

Stone high neck bodycon jumper dress – esmelia :)

White Heart Print Tie Front Ruffle Hem Mini Dress – Lucien 

And here’s my second choice: white heart print tie front ruffle hem mini dress – lucien. Definitely my favourite :) :) I just love this dress and I’m so happy I’ve picked it although I will have to wait couple of months to wear it. As you can is it’s typical dress for summer time. Now it’s too cold to go out in it but I still managed to take this awesome pic when one day the weather got better and the sun was shining. I think it will be my top outfit this summer and just can’t wait! Of course it looks best with high heels – so classy and elegant :)

White heart print tie front ruffle hem mini dress – lucien :)

Dark Wash Ripped High Waist Skinny Jeans – Alicia

The third piece of clothing that came with my latest parcel: dark wash ripped high waist skinny jeans – alicia. This ripped pair of jeans looks so trendy, it was just a must-have in my wardrobe :) I’m glad with this choice as well – I wanted something for every-day and this pair of jeans is perfect to go everywhere – party with friends (matched with high-heels) as well as stay at home or simply go out :)

Dark wash ripped high waist skinny jeans – alicia :)

Black Basic Oversized Rolled Sleeve Top – Maria

And we are finally getting to my last pick: black basic oversized rolled sleeve top – maria. I ‘ve already picked jeans for every day and again I wanted also a simple top I that will be comfy and that I can wear without any special occasion. It’s made of cotton and I can say the material is high quality. I’m very happy with it!

Black basic oversized rolled sleeve top – maria :)

Femme Luxe Finery Collaboration – Women’s Online Clothing Store

– Final Thoughts About My New Parcel

I’m very happy with the parcel I received lately As you can see the clothing is of very high quality and funnily I took things for every season of the year :) I have one dress eagerly waiting for summer, one that is perfect for spring as well as for autumn and a pair of jeans and black top I can wear every day and in any season I like :) But you probably agree with me that my new heart print summer dress rules :) I soo can’t wait till I will get warmer I will be able to go out wearing it!

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