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Femme Luxe Finery – Sporty Session

Hello to all of you! How have you been doing lately? When it comes to us this whole pandemic really messed up in our lives and rendered our moving out abroad impossible (we are planning to move but the destination will be a surprise :)) But we are using our time so we can say that every cloud has a silver lining – we have longer vacation and we’ve made this amazing sporty session with Femme Luxe Finery especially for you! :)

Femme Luxe Finery – Women’s Online Clothing Store

– Sporty Session

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So just in case you haven’t read them yet, I highly recommend it to you :) In these notes I gathered comprehensive materials about this online clothing store for you. You can use my experience and check the quality of their clothes before making your first order :)

Oh, and I almost forgot! Here’s also a link to their shop: Femme Luxe Finery :)

Black Fitted Short Sleeve Crop T-Shirt – Zayni

Summer is coming so this black fitted short sleeve crop t-shirt just had to be my first option. Especially that we are just waiting when the air traffic will be reopened and we will finally head off to our long anticipated trip to a country with a very hot climate :)

This top is perfect for every day and goes well with jeans, skirts, snickers or high-heels. It’s a very simple item, yet with right accessories it looks impressive. And if you’re not such a big fan of black (like me), they also have many other colours to choose from.

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Black Leopard Print ‘Femme La Mode’ Slogan Print T-shirt – Lilianna

I quess I felt that it’s time for me to supply my closet with T-shirts :) That’s why I took this black leopard print ‘femme la mode’ slogan print t-shirt. It’s again a simple t-shrit but I just loved this huge lip with leopard print. It’s also something for every day but I picked it for my pole dance training as can see (it’s very comfy). And I feel it was the best option for my pole dance – sporty session :)

Again I went her for the black version but they also have it in cute pink and white colour :)

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How’s it hanging? :)

White ‘La Femme’ Slogan Print Lip T-Shirt – Rayna

Another lip motive only this time not with leopard but pink print. And this time I’ve finally picked something that isn’t black :) But they also have this ‘la femme’ slogan print lip t-shirt in black (and pink) version, which I also think is very cute. But I decided this time I can’t take everything in black.

This t-shirt is really great for trainings because just like the previous one it’s very comfy and stylish. I think it went perfect with my jeans skirt. In general this t-shirt is simple but its print makes it look stylish and that’s why you can easily pair it with almost everything. You can wear it with your casual, sporty or even party look.

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White ‘Babe’ Slogan Print Crew Neck T-Shirt – Cordelia

My last choice was this white ‘babe’ slogan print crew neck t-shirt and I’m very happy with it. This one is perfect with everything – leggings, jeans, skirt. You can wear it to look sporty, casual and even more stylishly. I went for a sporty look and paired this simple top with fancy writing with leggings. And now when I think of it I can say I also felt very stylish wearing it.

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Femme Luxe Finery Sport Session

– Women’s Online Clothing Store – Final Thoughts

I’ve chosen three t-shirts and one top and I was very satisfied with all the items I received. I’m not sure exactly how many days I had to wait for my order but I have a feeling that the shipment was even faster than normally. I can also say that I’m always very happy with the quality of the items and I like their materials. I can definitely recommend online shopping at this store :)

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