Femme Luxe Finery – Garden Session

Lately I received my new spring parcel from Femme Luxe Finery and I was very happy. I got 4 new beautiful items and now I want to share with you my experience about them again. I enjoy our collaboration and am very happy that it’s thriving! Hope you want to know more about it! :)

Femme Luxe Finery – Women’s Online Clothing Store

– Garden Session

Ok, so just in case you haven’t read about our previous collabs before, here are all the links. I encourage you to read more about it. Every post has photos of the clothing items I received, so you can see what it looks like on me. I hope it will be helpful, if you want to place an order :) but there’s nothing to think over too much – the clothes are pretty and most importantly they’re of good quality.

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Femme Luxe Finery – My New Parcel

Great! These are all the notes about our collabs. I think I’ve already picked all sorts of clothes: jeans, tops, bodys, loungewear, t-shirts and even a coat :)

Black Oversize Leggings Loungewear Set – Justine

Now because of this whole pandemic situation I needed something I can feel comfortable at home. That’s why my first choice was this black oversize leggings loungewear set – Justine. It’s available in three colours – camel, grey and black, but I couldn’t resist taking black one again :) As I expected this loungewear set is very comfy and the material is great. It’s very nice in touch. It’s perfect while staying at home and for practising as well :)

Black Oversize Leggings Loungewear Set – Justine

White ‘Fearless Femme’ Oversized T-Shirt – Lily

There will be never too many T-shirts in my closet. It’s just impossible :) That’s why I’ve picked this white ‘fearless femme’ oversized t-shirt – Lily. I like the simplicty when it comes to clothing, so this one was definitely a right choice for me. Although the simple look, it’s enriched with the writing in a very fancy font. I think this was the detail that kept my attention right away.

White ‘Fearless Femme’ Oversized T-Shirt – Lily

Black Perfect Oversized T-Shirt – Violet

My third choice was this black ‘perfect’ oversized t-shirt – Violet. It’s a typical piece of clothing that you want to wear when you need to feel comfortable. And of course it goes well with a pair of trousers or leggings and trainers. But it may surprise you that I’ve also tried it with a pencil skirt and it also looks classy :) So I can admit that this t-shirt is just perfect :)

Black ‘Perfect’ Oversized T-Shirt – Violet

Black Mesh Panel V Neck Bodycon Mini Dress – Tammy

And now I want to show you a cherry on top :) At first, I could’t decide which colour to pick because this one is available in two: red and black. So finally I decided again on black, but I’m sure that one day I’ll surprise you and won’t pick anything black at all :) So my last choice was this black mesh panel v neck bodycon mini dress. I know what you are thinking – this was is perfect for parties! Yes, I also thought about something when this whole quarantine will be over and nobody will remember about it (really hope it these days will come soon). Then I’ll have the opportunity to go out in this wonderful dress. Just look at it:

Black Mesh Panel V Neck Bodycon Mini Dress – Tammy

Femme Luxe Finery Garden Session

– Women’s Online Clothing Store – Final Thoughts

I really hope you enjoyed this note :) In case you felt encouraged to see more clothes of their selection, here’s the link to the store for you: Femme Luxe Finery. What I also like about our collab is that they always send the parcel very quickly and I receive it in less than two weeks (I order to Poland and the shop is based in Manchester).

It was a pleasure for me to take this garden session and present all this clothes I’ve picked. I hope you liked it too and let me know which of this clothing you loved the most :)

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