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Blogger Collab – outfits I received

Hello everyone! I couldn’t wait to finally write a new post. Last week, I received a new parcel from Femme Luxe Finery. As always, there were four items in it. As we are still based in Thailand, I decided to pick clothes ideal for summer time. Luckily, I already got the opportunity to wear my new outfits and can let you know today how I feel about them.

Femme Luxe Finery – Women’s Online Clothing Store – New Outfits

Before I get to the point and let you know everything about my new clothing items, I want to sum up my previous collabs with Femme Luxe Finery – women’s online clothing store. If you haven’t tried online shopping yet, I can recommend you to do so. I think that online shopping is so much easier and I really got used to it. I think there are many advantages of using online stores, like for example saving time. Of course, it might be difficult at the beginning, especially when you have to pick the right size for yourself. But once you go for it and have your tried shopping store, it’s all downhill then.

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If you haven’t read these previous posts, I recommend you to catch up after reading my today’s note :)

Pink Elasticated Waist Styled Shorts – Casey

I guess I’ll start with the most comfy item I got. I picked these pink shorts because I fell in love with their color. And also I needed something comfortable I can wear during hot weekend days. Now I think I can also wear them when going to the gym. Of course, they can go well with any pair of training shoes, so they can easily complete a sporty, laid back look.

blogger collab
Pink shorts

Sage High Waisted Belted Cigarette Trousers – Dee

I was looking for long cigarette trousers that I can also wear during the hot weather to look more elegant. And here’s what I’ve found. I must say that I am very happy with the material. I think they will actually best go with a pair of high heels. And this is how I’m gonna wear them next time :)

blogger collab
Mint trousers

Stone Slinky Cup Detail Bodycon Mini Dress – Emily

I like this mini dress a lot – it’s elegant and classy. Just a perfect choice when going out to a restaurant or somewhere special. I needed something like this in my closet. Can’t imagine wearing it with something else but black high heels. Lately I’ve been trying to get less black outfits as my closet is just full of them. So here’s another beautiful light and soft color, just perfect for me.

blogger collab
Mini dress

White Double Belt Loop High Waisted Shorts – Carly

Ok and now finally high time for my favorite! Just take a look at these high-waisted shorts :) I really think they are perfect, because they are so stylish. And the white color gives them even more elegance. I think I can wear them with many tops, probably again best with high heels or like in the pic – wedge shoes. This was my best choice – it’s something stylish for many occasions when going out.

blogger collab
White shorts

Femme Luxe Finery – Women’s Online Clothing Store – New Outfits

I must say, I only have good experience with Femme Luxe Finery. It was not my first parcel from them, so it was very easy for me to pick the right sizes of the clothing. I’m happy because whenever I open my closet, I see that there is so much black. And now I added some more colors to it. I can recommend this online clothing store and checking my previous notes about it! :)

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